Friday, September 5, 2008

Just like a brand new penny

Yesterday, the dorms here at ye olde university opened at noon, for all incoming freshman. Even though I already have 38 credits under my belt, I am still considered an incoming freshman, which is probably for the best. My parents and I, with the help of some volunteers on campus, moved in my boxes and boxes of stuff. Seriously, I am not kidding, I probably had over a dozen boxes. Granted, they were not large boxes, but still. 

Even more impressive?

In this relatively small room, I managed to get everything to fit. There is still a need for some re-organization, and I need to pick up some shelving and a TV stand, but it is actually a very nice little room. I remember my older sister's various singles always felt incredibly small, as if they had been designed by someone hoping to drive the resident mad. My single, by comparison, feels practically spacious. I have a practically walk-in closet, which I have many, many plans for.

You'd think I'd be feeling homesick at this point. I probably would at this point, except my family is a ten minute drive away. Also, I spent last night at home. Lets just say that my dinner decided that it didn't like that I had eaten it, and I felt way too awful to stay in an unfamiliar place, which still needed a lot of unpacking done for it to feel like home. I still don't feel a hundred percent today, but I feel far better than I did last night, when I was treading the fine line between not sleeping because I couldn't get my brain to shut down and being so exhausted that I could barely keep my eyes open. 

Everything feels possible right now - it's all brand new and simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. 

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ALF said...

College is so much fun. Enjoy every minute of it!