Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm watching mtvU, which is a rather odd experience, because do you know what mtvU shows?


It is a very disorienting experience to be able to turn on the TV at any time during the day and being able to see a music video that ISN'T that awful Kid Rock song. A good chunk of the time I spend in my dorm is spent watching/listening to the music videos. Some aren't worth remembering, but some are.

My only complaint is a commercial that runs during every other commercial break. It is an ad for Hooters. It opens with a girl being interviewed and asked if she has ever held a job before.

"No, I'm in college!"

"What kind of job would you like?"

"I'd like one where I could work with my friends, make lots of money and have fun!"

"I'm sorry, that kind of dream job doesn't exist."

In the split second that the camera is focused on the older woman who is interviewing the young brunette, the girl changes her outfit into a Hooters tank top. I don't remember exactly what she says next, because EVERY SINGLE TIME, my head has exploded in utter horror when I see that outfit. 

Since when is Hooters a dream job? 

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ALF said...

EEEK! That is scary. I'm not sure Hooters is even anywhere on my list of dream jobs.