Thursday, August 28, 2008

59 days, five hours and a decent amount of minutes

Last time I saw my guy, it was about exactly two months ago.

I firmly believe in the awesomeness of our long distance relationship, but I want it noted, somewhere by someone in our universe, that not seeing your significant partner person thing for a little over SIXTY DAYS? SUCKS.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Greek festival in Columbus, with a brief stop at Target so I can pick up a few things I still need for the dorms. (I like eating my cereal out of bowls and my sandwiches off of plates. Call me crazy. Could I get bowls at Wal-Mart or Kroger? Yes. But the ones at Target are a nice turquoise-aqua-y color that I really, really, REALLY like.)

Jon is going to meet us at the festival and then I am going to spend the weekend a little further north, hanging out with him.


I mean, erm.... Hey, I've not seen my boyfriend in almost an entire quarter's worth of time. Indulge my slight madness. Please?

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ALF said...

Hope it's a great weekend!