Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ugg actually made an adorable shoe

I was on Zappos and saw these. I am drooling. They actually look vaguely warm and yet are still stylish (at least, they are to me). Plus, leopard print flats! I love leopard print flats - I got a pair several years ago from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line, and have worn out the sole of one of the shoes. The thought of having sheep fur keeping my feet warm during the winter, without looking like the rest of campus, is so tempting. 

Now I just have to find a really, really, REALLY good reason to buy them when I have too many other things that I actually NEED

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm watching mtvU, which is a rather odd experience, because do you know what mtvU shows?


It is a very disorienting experience to be able to turn on the TV at any time during the day and being able to see a music video that ISN'T that awful Kid Rock song. A good chunk of the time I spend in my dorm is spent watching/listening to the music videos. Some aren't worth remembering, but some are.

My only complaint is a commercial that runs during every other commercial break. It is an ad for Hooters. It opens with a girl being interviewed and asked if she has ever held a job before.

"No, I'm in college!"

"What kind of job would you like?"

"I'd like one where I could work with my friends, make lots of money and have fun!"

"I'm sorry, that kind of dream job doesn't exist."

In the split second that the camera is focused on the older woman who is interviewing the young brunette, the girl changes her outfit into a Hooters tank top. I don't remember exactly what she says next, because EVERY SINGLE TIME, my head has exploded in utter horror when I see that outfit. 

Since when is Hooters a dream job? 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You were an engine driver, I was a deep sea diver

One thing I had magically forgotten during my ten week 'vacation' from school was how hard school actually is.

I should have remembered when I found my notes from spring quarter and DID NOT REMEMBER those days. At all. I knew I had gone to class because I had all of my notes and papers in the notebook in my hands, but I didn't remember the lecture or if I had contributed anything thoughtful to the class that day. I was waking up by no later then 7 am every single week day, working eight hours and going to class eighteen hours and foregoing a social life for that education thing.

I am trying to keep everything balanced. It helps that I am on campus now, as much as I miss home. It's easier to go out and have a life when the life is a five minute walk from where you sleep and study.

This week started with plans to do EVERYTHING and has slowly narrowed to a few select things. I actually went to the formal sorority rush last night, only to drop out two hours later. I was going to miss every event they were holding this weekend and I could only imagine what the rest of the quarter was going to be like. OU, being on a quarter schedule, has tests soon after classes start; there was no way I could cram for my tests AND be a pledge AND work AND do all the other things I have to do, including sleep. Sleeping is so very important to my sanity, next to eating three meals a day and getting to read something non-school assigned at least once a day. If you ever want to know what I am like when I am drunk, just keep from sleeping. Once I hit about hour 22 of being awake, I will be just as insane and likely to fall over as anyone who is drunk. I've experienced this in the past and can only imagine how much more FUN it will be considering one of my jobs at work is calling people and leaving messages. 

If you ever order books from where I work and get a message where the caller says 'we are open until...' and then recites a phone number, then says 'you can reach us at 7 pm if you have any questions,' that is me. 

Just wait 'til I get a little further in Chinese.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Just like a brand new penny

Yesterday, the dorms here at ye olde university opened at noon, for all incoming freshman. Even though I already have 38 credits under my belt, I am still considered an incoming freshman, which is probably for the best. My parents and I, with the help of some volunteers on campus, moved in my boxes and boxes of stuff. Seriously, I am not kidding, I probably had over a dozen boxes. Granted, they were not large boxes, but still. 

Even more impressive?

In this relatively small room, I managed to get everything to fit. There is still a need for some re-organization, and I need to pick up some shelving and a TV stand, but it is actually a very nice little room. I remember my older sister's various singles always felt incredibly small, as if they had been designed by someone hoping to drive the resident mad. My single, by comparison, feels practically spacious. I have a practically walk-in closet, which I have many, many plans for.

You'd think I'd be feeling homesick at this point. I probably would at this point, except my family is a ten minute drive away. Also, I spent last night at home. Lets just say that my dinner decided that it didn't like that I had eaten it, and I felt way too awful to stay in an unfamiliar place, which still needed a lot of unpacking done for it to feel like home. I still don't feel a hundred percent today, but I feel far better than I did last night, when I was treading the fine line between not sleeping because I couldn't get my brain to shut down and being so exhausted that I could barely keep my eyes open. 

Everything feels possible right now - it's all brand new and simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar.