Friday, September 14, 2007

Week Two

So, I survived another week, though it felt less like survival and more like hitting my stride. I feel like I spent part of this week finding my place, and the rest of it trying to catch up on my reading!

Monday, I went to a meeting for Speakeasy, which is an online 'zine of sorts, an alternative, or compliment to, depending on how you look at it, to the student paper. I was dead exhausted(I had gone from class to work to the meeting, and simultaneously felt productive and like I was going to die at any moment), but still managed to get into it. 'It' being the meeting, which was two separate ones, one being the all-staff meeting, the other being for the newbies, like me.

During the first half, we covered interviewing techniques(which was being taught by my intro prof. It was odd to see him outside of class), and, if you were sitting to the one side of the room, got to see the various editors' hands as they were pointed out. During the second half, we got to learn about the various parts of speakeasy(I'm interested in blogging and copy editing, but am afraid that my grammar skills just aren't up to par yet), what their policies are, etc. While I felt a little awkward, seeing as I am not a journalism major and the people I sat next to were, it was the first time since I started classes that I felt like maybe I can fit in here, as a student as opposed to a townie.

Monday also brought with it an ugly fit of allergies and a sinus headache at the end of the night, that left me on the couch, in tears, panicking and worrying that I was getting a cold when I could not(and cannot) afford to have one. It came at the worst possible time, when I was trying to not freak out about my classes and the amount of work I had to do over the next few days. But I got through it, and by the end of the week(translation: today), Monday evening seemed like a distant memory of someone who occasionally worries to much.

The biggest highlight of the week for me was raising my hand and answering a question(correctly!) in my 300 person Intro class. My prof asked some variation of 'what was the most watched show on cable this summer?' and I was just like, BAM, hand up! 'High School Musical!' (It's High School Musical 2, but I was excited and nervous, so I can be/was forgiven for the drop of a number) I have a tendency to pay attention to entertainment news, so the fact was old news to me.

This week also saw me doing my first real discussion group(my lone Friday class, at 9 in the morning. It sounded so much later in the day when I signed up). I really enjoyed that, if only because it actually gives me someone to talk about the text of the book with. Where I don't live in the dorms, and have yet to say 'Hi! I'm Aisha!' to any of my classmates, and where I also tend to be really enthusiastic about learning anything new, the discussion group let me, you know, discuss the text. I may be one of the few people in the class that actually enjoys reading the textbook, and I'm afraid this means I am doomed to be one of those people that actually enjoys studying(when they are actually caught up on it all).

To wrap things up: where this week brought my stride, and last week was all about survival, I'm hoping next week finds me finding a balance between my high school classes and my university classes, and everything else. I'm also hoping next week finds me not being so intimidated by my classmates(or them not being intimidated by me, whichever is the case). I won't bite if they won't!


vorilee said...

ohhhhh they won't bite too hard

ask and ye shall receive, tho it took me until winter quarter that second year to make friends :) Stephanie being the prime example.

vorilee said...

rather, winter quarter the FIRST year, we were in 112 together :D