Saturday, September 1, 2007

13 Week

13 weeks from today, I will be eighteen(that is, if I manage to bang this out before midnight).

I don't know why I am so excited about this, other than it is the typical big birthday, one where I can buy cigarettes, rent porn(or simply peek in the back rooms at video rentals), enlist in the army, and buy lottery tickets. None of that really appeals to me. I have breathing problems(seasonal bronchitis, or, as I call it, 'that awful feeling where I cannot breathe but can cough violently for your viewing pleasure, you sadistic bastards.'), so smoking isn't something I can really do, though I handle being around smokers fairly well. Porn doesn't interest me(other than to see what everyone is talking about). Enlisting in the army isn't something I am likely to do, because I don't think I would much enjoy getting sent to war, whatever the reasons. And buying lottery tickets? I'd rather spend my money on things like these flats.

I guess the main reason I'm looking forward to being eighteen is that it will mean that I am an adult. Though I'm not sure how 'adult' me will differ from 'kid' me. I don't plan on hitting up clubs and forgetting my underwear, or getting arrested with a DUI and cocaine in my pocket. I don't really have a concept of who I am after I turn eighteen, because, honestly, I don't think there will be much difference. I will still make mistakes, still worry over stupid little things, probably still not know where I really want to go for college, and still have moments of brilliance and moments of massive idiocy, because that is who I am, and I tend to change rather gradually. I'm not going to use my birthday as an excuse to get piercings or run out and get married or enlist in the army or anything major like that.(Yes, piercings are on the same level as the other two. I rarely wear earrings, so a nose or lip ring would be like deciding I want to be a nun.)

I guess the point is that I am looking forward to my eighteenth birthday, because it is my eighteenth birthday(and I have been taught by society to look forward to it).

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