Friday, November 9, 2007

The mixed tape

I'm trying to write something for Speakeasy, which is only challenging because I have no idea what to write. It's the end of the quarter, and my entire focus is on my finals and kicking ass on them. Or at least passing. You know, whichever.

I'm not really nervous about finals, it's just, they're my first REAL finals. This is my test run of college- am I surviving? Doing better than surviving? Thriving, maybe?

I'd probably go with the third one, except for those really fun days when I wake up and have to talk myself out of bed, because class, how can it possibly be interesting today? How can my professor possibly make the Black Death interesting? It was diseases and and death and all sorts of awful things, and, gee, I wonder when Jerry Bruckheimer or some other producer/writer will conquer that and try to make it into an action-adventure flick.

Of course, it was interesting. To me, anyway. I love history, in a 'whoa, that's what happened, and then that happened and it made all of this happen? NO WAY!' sort of way. I'm odd. You get used to it.

I suppose I should probably write my post for speakeasy. Or pick out my classes for next quarter, even though I have no idea what I want to take, or what the rest of my life looks like next quarter. I like to keep things interesting, obviously.

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