Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I've been wearing a different hat every day for about a week now. They were pretty usual, just a bunch of flat knit stockinette stitch caps I've made over the years. Some of them look 'different,' because yarn? Yarn has gone and become AWESOME. There is a reason I can waste hours in a yarn shop, just drooling over the various types and colors.

Anyway. On Monday, I started wearing my mom's hats. I blame Guy Fawkes day- I didn't have a mask, so I borrowed a hat she made that looks like a bubble bath, complete with little rubber ducky. Mostly, I wanted to be silly: that irritatingly good mood I mentioned a while go has yet to go away. Everyone loved the hat(the outright staring was amusing, especially when people would just stop their conversations. That's happening a little more now that I'm wearing full sized hats.).

So now I'm wondering: how many days in a row can I go without wearing the same hat? At what point am I really going to want to wear a hat I've already worn?

This is making the gloomy days better, that's for sure.

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vorilee said...

duckie bath! duckie bath!