Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do the loopy dance for me

I'm packing up for a wedding, which has so far consisted of gathering things into piles and leaving them there, waiting for me to haphazardly stuff them into my bag. This isn't much different from my usual packing method, except I'm fitting in some make-up and shoes and wondering what I'm forgetting.

This will be the first wedding I have attended since I was a toddler, so I'm not sure what to expect. All I know is that it is going to be short and there is going to be a post-reception party that I will detail when I have the gory pictures to accompany the story.

Speaking of gory pictures:


Oh, and we can now cross the second item off my list, that ol' pesky learn to drive stick shift, thanks to my co-worker Bryan, who happily volunteered to teach me this summer when I first brought up the desire to learn last spring.

In this photo, I am going about 15 mph, because we were on a gravel road. I only stalled out two or three times (not counting when I tried to pull into his driveway), and got better with each try at the stopping/starting/shifting things you have to learn. According to Jon, Miata clutch's are some of the more difficult ones, so the fact that I didn't have that much trouble with it shows both, A, how much I have improved as a driver, and, B, how good of a teacher I had. It's all about the see-saw I have learned, and I don't plan to forget that any time soon.


Sonja said...

In Iceland you have to learn to drive on a stick shift and take your exam on one (you use your driving instructor's car).

I've seen some huge differences between cars when it comes to ease of stick shift driving. In short, French cars are hard, while German cars are easy ;)

althea said...

Hi - I would agree French cars are the most difficult. If you've ever tried a little Citroen 2CV - well!!!! that has the stick come out of the dash instead of the floor and it 'shunts' everytime. A girlfriend and I 'tried' driving one last year and she claimed she needed earplugs every time I shifted!!!