Monday, June 8, 2009

A brief update

It's finals week here, and there was a ton of projects leading up to this point. Apologies for my scarceness.

My back is doing much better; physical therapy has helped more than I can even begin to describe. They elected to not ultrasound my back, because I was doing well and did so well after my first session. They seem fairly certain that I will recover 100%, which is awesome. I felt so horrible in the two weeks leading up to that first session, and I felt so much better walking out that first day. Like being on the world's best drugs only not medicated. I could touch my toes, something I'm not even sure I could do BEFORE the back injury.

Basically, PT is the best thing ever, better than sliced bread, even. 

Hopefully I will have more updates for you this summer, guys!

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