Monday, July 28, 2008

Two am

When Jon and I first got together, I couldn't fall asleep until we'd had our good night phone call. If he was going out for the night, he would call me when he got home, and I would be in a fitful state of not-quite-asleep until my phone started buzzing. Part of it was habit - I'm not such a creature of habit that my routine can't be changed, but I am enough of one that I sometimes struggle to sleep if my routine is different. I can fall asleep anywhere, just let me brush my teeth, call my boyfriend and find a comfortable spot on the bed. That last one takes longer, but I will fall asleep eventually.

The past few weeks though, I've been out like a light not long after hitting the sheets. It doesn't matter if I know that I am going to get a call in hour - I'm out. When he calls, I wake up enough to have a conversation, usually one that I can't remember beyond the greeting, the good-bye and one or two words in between. I'm not good at having conversations when they require me waking up. I usually greet him with an over-enthusiastic "Hey!" that feels like it is louder than it probably is. Then I try to say that I wasn't that asleep, seriously, I was half awake when the phone rang. Nevermind that I vaguely remember looking at the phone and wondering why, exactly, it was there.  This is usually followed by a disbelieving statement from Jon, then lots of sleepy 'your pretty's and 'I love you's from me. I can only imagine what those conversations would look like if someone transcribed them. 

You can call me at two am and I'll swear I was still awake, but it's fairly likely that I won't even remember what I said in the morning.

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ALF said...

Those conversations are great - the ones you can't quite remember in the morning.

Found your site from dooce - just wanted to say hi.